About Us

Estd. 1977 is a brand with European sensibilities that has been brought to India by its parent company that has been manufacturing fashion shoes and footwear for European branded stores for more than 40 years. 

The name signifies the true essence of the brand





·Boldness and


The brand name celebrates the origination of the endeavor.

The tag "Richly handcrafted shoes for the casually elegant", truly signifies the brand. All Estd. 1977 footwear is designed in the studios of Milan and London, under the keen supervision of European designers & technicians to provide the fashion conscious man a product that is truly modern and yet not comprised on comfort.

Estd.1977 footwear uses the finest of handcrafted leathers that are soft and naturally breathable. Along with these leathers, specialized high tech materials are used to provide your feet the pampering & comfort that creates ease while still sporting fashion.

A unique point about our footwear is that all the leathers are natural and vegetable tanned. This truly ancient and tedious art of crafting leathers gives it a brushed and antique finish. This results in the leather looking more natural, brushed, two toned and becomes more supple. All our leathers are selected by our expert technicians keeping in mind the need for richness in feeling and look. The leathers are developed using strict European standards of material compliance that makes them safe for human skin.

Our footwear is manufactured in our state of the art factories that are built using European age old classic shoe making methods. The shoes are developed and produced under the keen supervision of Italian and European technicians. The factories are regularly audited for the manufacturing techniques to ensure that the shoes are manufactured precisely and finished to European style and standards.

We truly hope you enjoy wearing our footwear and it makes you feel what we truly inspire “casually elegant”.