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estd.1977 is a brand with european senibilities that has been brought to India by G shoe Export. G Shoe Export has been manufacturing fashion shoes and footwear that occupies the shelves of european branded stores for more than 30 years.

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Angelo, Bruno, Cornelio all these famous international brands Men's sandals can be yours. If you are looking for the elegant leather sandals or Huarache, you can buy them from our huge range of men's sandals. Various styles and shapes of sandals are available with us. It has style, class and passion.

The craftsmanship of the brand includes high tech materials that provide ease and comfort while on the other hand, its fashionable. Authenticity, durability and resistance of the men's sandals of the Estd 1977, are of high class. Picked from the shelves of European brand store, it is very adaptable to Indian Market.

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